1st interview

Incident Video — Directed by Eddie Belous … Produced by SLVDR GEO



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BiRacial bastard (Produced by slvdr geo & biracial bastard)
ƒeat: luke buddha & slvdr geo

EMPHATIC (BiracialBastard, Luke Buddah x SLVDR GEO) – “Few Of Them Know” HOUSEOFAURA

Few Of Them Know

Snapshot - Biracial Bastard - YouTube

Directed by Queso

Produced by SLVDR GEO

We Smokin By Biracial Bastard Featuring Ty & China Mann - YouTube

We Smokin Featuring Ty & China Mann

directed by Joe Cav produced by FaceLES

Intro to We Smokin


Led Zeppelin-The Rain Song

Ty Pope & Dumbo – Take It In Blood Mixtape

this is not the official release basically whoever comes across it comes across it till the video drops

Brand Neu (Prod By @TheRealGeo ) EP Version enjoy

1st track off Upcoming EP DumbOsiris

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